Why Penn Capital

A commitment to consistent excellence makes the Penn Capital team a dedicated asset to any investor.

Every day, Penn Capital’s investment team looks for ways to improve our investors’ experience and performance. The search isn’t limited to investments. Each member of the organization has a responsibility to find and help implement strategies for improvement. We consider how technologies can be leveraged to improve efficiency without reducing quality. Our team rigorously reviews investment decisions and vets them against the long-term strategies that provide consistently strong returns. We incorporate client concerns into every service decision. Each professional contributes to Penn Capital's exceptional results and impeccable service.

Competitive Advantage

For almost 30 years, Penn Capital has maintained a fully integrated credit and equity research process, which gives our team uncommon insight.

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State of the art facilities build resilience and stability into the investment structure.

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Business Continuity

Careful planning and rigorous testing lead to continuity and data integrity.

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