About Us

We conduct a fully integrated credit and equity research process with a focus on understanding the entire capital structure of a company.

Penn Capital is an independent, SEC registered investment management firm. We manage multiple investment styles that flow from our coverage of publicly traded companies in the micro- to mid-capitalization range, as well as companies that issue debt rated split-BBB and below (non-investment grade).

There are a significant number of non-investment grade companies that fall in the micro-to-mid equity capitalization range, creating strong efficiencies in our research process. We conduct a Complete Capital Structure Analysis® to identify the best value within the capital structures of these companies.

Company Culture

What guides us in our relationship with our clients, our associates, and our community at large

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Investment Culture

What guides our daily process of fundamental-bottom up company research, macro-economic analysis, and portfolio construction

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Philanthropy and Community Outreach

Penn Capital is committed to supporting where we live and work by partnering corporate resources with the needs of our surrounding community. Our employee-led philanthropic committee is comprised of employees from all areas of our firm who volunteer their time and talents and are responsible for creating and implementing the firm's philanthropic initiatives and volunteer opportunities.

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